Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Dragon Ball Super

While everyone is sad that Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end in March. We are just excited to see how Dragon Ball Super will end. Dragon Ball Super is currently being aired on Cartoon Network and it is a delight for every Dragon Ball fan.

Dragon Ball Super Facts

  • Dragon Ball Super was created by Akira Toriyama.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, Goku has to defeat a supernatural creature who is the god of destruction.
  • Episode 131 will be the last episode of Dragon Ball Super.
  • Probably, it will come under a new name in the future.
  • Initially, people hated Dragon Ball Super but later everyone loved the character development.
  • There is an upcoming Dragon Ball movie in 2018 which revolves around Goku getting his power and story of very first Super Saiyan.Dragon Ball Super Facts
  • On January 26, Dragon Ball FighterZ game will be released for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.
  • Gohan for the first time transforms into Super Saiyan 2 in Dragon Ball Super.
  • Goku finally defeats Kid Buu.
  • Dragon Ball Super was first aired in July 2015.
  • There are a total of 4 volumes in Dragon Ball Super.
  • Gohan and Videl get married in Dragon Ball Super.

These are some of the Dragon Ball Super facts. We know the show is ending but with the new upcoming Dragon Ball game and movie, it should be fine. Don’t forget to comment here on what you loved about Dragon Ball Super.

Awesome Steven Universe Characters

Steven Universe is an action-filled cartoon series which is currently being aired on Cartoon Network. It is first cartoon series to be created solely by a woman. Owing to the success of Steven Universe cartoon series – comics, books and video games were also launched. Steven and other crystal gems protect the universe from all kinds of evil and are the sacred protectors of the universe.

Steven Universe Characters

  • Steven Universe – He is hybrid crystal gem that is he is half gem and half human. He exhibits the characteristic of human and also the powers of the gem. He lives in Beach city. He is friendly, Confident and very compassionate. He is only 12 years old.
  • Garnet – She is the leader of crystal gems and fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Former to her Steven’s mother, Rose was the leader of crystal gems. She is voiced by Estelle.
  • Amethyst – She is the youngest gem after Steven and is shortest of all the characters. She is a member of crystal gems. She is a very good wrestler and a great guardian. Steven Universe Characters
  • Pearl – She was Rose’s best friend and is one of last surviving gem of the rebellion. Although, she is a perfect and a great fighter but has very low self-esteem. Her weapons are spear and tonfa.
  • Greg Universe – He is Steven’s father. He was a rock singer but left performing due to Rose and now lives in a trailer. He most of the time supports Steven in his adventure and is very calm and understanding.
  • Connie Maheswaran – She is Steven’s best friend and also soon to be his girlfriend. She is very smart but likes to keep into herself. She admires Steven and becomes a part of crystal gems. She even learns to use Rose’s sword.

These are some awesome Steven Universe Characters. Let us know your opinion about them.

Shaun The Sheep in Hindi on Nickelodeon

Shaun The Sheep is now available in Hindi on our favourite cartoon channel – Nickelodeon. It is originally a British based cartoon series which is a popular franchise just like Handy MannyMickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Shaun The Sheep

There are a total of 150 episodes and two movies(one already released and one in production). Shaun, unlike other sheep, is very smart, mischievous and talented. He is always trying to improve his lifestyle and entertain the day as he is bored of the same routine. He enjoys watching human gadgets and activities and spends most of the time watching them.

Every show is just seven minutes long and is fun to watch. There are no dialogues and just some random sounds which the sheeps make. The sheepdog Bitzer sometimes help the sheeps and sometimes bully them but it is a fun relationship. He is very loyal to his master and good at his work.

Shaun The Sheep Hindi

Shaun’s cousin Timmy is the youngest sheep and is very innocent and everyone takes care of him like a baby. Pidsley is farmer’s cat and very jealous of Bitzer as he is an attention seeker. He also dislikes sheep and other animals as he thinks they are fools and good for nothing.

Shaun the Sheep Movie was inspired by the same cartoon and did pretty well in the theatres. In this movie, Shaun and his friends try to save the farmer who loses his memory and is stuck in the city due to their fault. The movie made around 100 million dollars and had a good response from critics and viewers.

We hope Shaun The Sheep Movie 2 will do as good as the earlier movie and cartoon would continue entertaining us too. Do let us know what you think about Shaun The Sheep.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters, Games and Activities

Who doesn’t remember Disney’s favourite character and mascot Mickey Mouse and now he is back in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is made especially for toddlers similar to Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Handy Manny. It helps toddlers and children improve their knowledge with different activities and also get to know the famous Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters

  • Mickey Mouse – This character does not need any introduction. A cute little mouse who is entertaining us from almost a century. Feel old yet? He is very kind and is always ready to help others.
  • Minnie Mouse – Minnie Mouse’s full name is Minerva Mouse but it is rarely used. She is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. They are often seen riding in Mickey Mouse’s car. Daisy duck is her best friend and they gossip a lot.
  • Donald Duck – The evergreen character who speaks funny and is very hard to understand. He is short tempered and is always wearing his sailor shirt and hat.
  • Daisy Duck – She is Minnie Mouse’s best friend and Girlfriend of Donald Duck. She is very sophistic and loves expensive things. She is very talkative and over-enthusiastic. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Pluto – Pluto is a very friendly, kind and loving dog. He is Mickey Mouse’s best friend. The bulldog tortures him a lot but he manages to escape.
  • Goofy – Goofy is a funny dog too but he can talk and stands on two legs. He is a very good friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. There are even many episodes where the trio works together to solve problems.
  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie – They are Donald Duck’s nephew. They are identical triplets. They even appear in Ducktales, where Donald duck leaves them with Scrooge McDuck. They are very naughty and always getting caught in unwanted troubles. However, they are very smart and manage to escape the troubles.
  • Scrooge McDuck – He is a billionaire and richest duck in the world. He is very mean and never spends money. He is a money minded person and is often shown swimming in his treasure.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Games & Activities

I am sure you would want your toddlers and children to learn new things from Micky Mouse Clubhouse. There are a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Games & Activities from which they can improve their skills. They can learn to draw or paint their favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Pluto. They can also solve fun puzzles and go on a quest to rescue their favourite characters. Kindly visit the official Mickey Mouse Clubhouse website to enjoy activities and games by visiting the link here.

Supa Strikas – An Awesome Soccer Cartoon

Supa Strikas is a wonderful football based cartoon series. It can easily be compared with Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven. These according to me are the best soccer based cartoons. I have just started Supa Strikas and I just love it. Supa Strikas is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Supa Strikas – The Team

  1. Shakes – He is the main striker and knows how to score goals. His father was the greatest player in the team and the league. He loves bicycle kick. He is just like Tsubasa and also wears number 10.
  2. El Matador – He is considered as the drama queen and loves his aqua sunglasses. He is the main attacker and no one can hold onto the ball when he is attacking.
  3. Klaus – He is the striker who assists Shakes in scoring the goals. He cannot handle a tense situation and always sneezes when he accidentally falls into one. He loves his aunt and brings her present every time he is away.
  4. Lankey – He is the tallest of them all and Australian by origin. He is also one of the main strikers.
  5. Dancing Rasta – He is the captain of Strikas and always motivates the players when they are down. He is considered as the best captain till date.Supa Strikas
  6. Big Bo – He is by far the best goalkeeper and no one is able to score when he is guarding the goal.
  7. Twisting Tiger – He is very superstitious and as his name suggests he can twist his body as he likes and attacks like a tiger.
  8. Cool Joe – He has many great techniques and they have helped the team a lot. He owns a disco and is always dancing on the field.
  9. North Shaw – He is another defender. The ball actually rarely goes to Big Bo when North Shaw is defending.
  10. Blok – A little dumb but very good all-rounder. He assists the team both as a striker and defender.
  11. Coach – The Coach is actually considered as the best Coach in the whole world. He was also the greatest player in the history of the league.

The main motto of Supa Strikas is “Being the best is only the beginning” and they follow it diligently. The home ground is Strikaland. You can actually Watch Supa Strikas on Voot. Try it if you haven’t already and also let us know what you think about this wonderful cartoon series.

15 Fun and Interesting Teen Titans Go Facts

DC’s Teen Titans Go is fun-filled adventurous cartoon series. It is about four super hero’s Raven, Starfire, Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy. They are actually roommates and are always goofing around once they are done saving the day.

Teen Titans Go Facts

  1. Raven is the most favorite Titan.
  2. Teen Titans Go have more than 200 episodes.
  3. All the episodes in Teen Titans Go are independent of each other. None of them are actually linked. The writer actually thought that it is easy to write independent episodes rather than interlinked ones.
  4. Titans are actually best of friends. They stay and eat together.
  5. Robin has a huge crush on Starfire. But not the other way around.
  6. Cyborg is in love with Jinx. But, Jinx is one of the main villains.
  7. Teen Titans Go is actually more fun than the original Titans cartoon.Teen Titans Go Facts
  8. The creators of Teen Titans Go never actually saw original Titans Cartoon.
  9. Fans still believe that the original Titans series was much better and Teen Titans Go did not do justice to the original series.
  10. A lot of fans even signed a petition to shut down Teen Titans Go.
  11. H.I.V.E Five are the main villains of the series.
  12. Cyborg is actually more interested in eating rather than fighting crime. He just loves Pizza.
  13. Cyborg’s real name is Victor Stone.
  14. Robin is always complaining that Titans do not follow him.
  15. Beast Boy can transform into any animal he wants. Cool, Right?
  16. Raven is half human and half demon.

Let us know what you think about Teen Titans Go? Do you like the Original Titans or this new and improved Teen Titans Go?

15 Awesome Ben 10 Facts

Who doesn’t love Ben 10? Ben 10 is a story of a young teenager who finds an alien gadget which allows him to transform himself into different kinds of aliens. It is currently being aired on Cartoon Network in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English.

Ben 10 Facts

  1. Ben’s watch in Ben 10 is called The Omnitrix which is later replaced by The Ultimatrix.
  2. The Omnitrix actually has more than 10 aliens but Ben discovers only 10 and hence the name.
  3. Ben 10 has won three Emmy awards.
  4. Four Arms is the strongest alien among all the aliens Ben has currently.
  5. Ben’s Grandfather Max Tennyson was in love with an alien.
  6. Max helps Ben explore his alien watch.Ben 10 Facts
  7. Max is actually a plumber. Not an ordinary plumber but the member of an organization which looks after alien activities.
  8. Azmuth, The grey matter is the inventor of The Omnitrix.
  9. Ben is only 11 years old.
  10. Ben 10,000 is the future Ben and has unlocked all the features of The Omnitrix. He has unlocked more than 10,000 aliens.
  11. The Omnitrix can actually be voice controlled. But, Ben has not figured it out yet.
  12. Ben hates his cousin Gwen but sometimes work with her to fight villains.
  13. Kevin Levin is the newest member of Ben’s army.
  14. Kevin is Gwen’s boyfriend. He can absorb energy and power.
  15. Ester is the best choice for Ben and would suit Ben as a partner.
  16. Ben 10 is the longest running Cartoon Network original cartoon series.

That’s all folks. If you think we have missed any cool Ben 10 Facts. Don’t forget to comment them below.

15 Facts You Never Knew About Handy Manny

Handy Manny is children’s animated cartoon series which is currently being aired on Disney Junior. It is meant for children between 4-9 years. It was originally made in Spanish and English. Handy Manny is as popular as Jake and The Never Land Pirates.

Handy Manny Facts

  1. All the tools of Manny can talk and have feelings. Pat is the naughtiest of them all.
  2. Manny is actually 41 years old. At least according to his official birth date.
  3. Manny is in love with Kelly.
  4. Kelly runs her own hardware store.
  5. She is similar to Wendy of Bob The Builder.
  6. Kelly is 40 years old. She loves her hardware store.
  7. Manny has got “Best Repairman” and “Good Citizenship” award.
  8. Mr. Kumar is Manny’s best friend. He is the owner of China Store.
  9. Felipe – The screwdriver thinks he is very useful and believes that he is a superhero.
  10. You can meet Manny at Disney Park.
  11. Handy Manny is like Spanish Bob The Builder.
  12. Elliot is Manny’s Brother in law. He is quite artistic. He loves guitar, art, cooking, and swimming.
  13. Manny is so famous that even Mayor Rosa calls him when there is any trouble in her office or town.
  14. Elliot is Mayor’s assistant and helps her a lot.
  15. Handy Manny has a total of 113 episodes and three seasons.

We hope you like these cool Handy Manny Facts. Leave your comments below if you have any to add to the list.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Characters and Facts

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a children’s cartoon series which is based on Disney’s Peter Pan. But it is shown in the era when everyone was still a child. It is musical and adventure-based series. This is one of the most watched children cartoon series in India.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Characters

  • Captain Jake – Jake is the main character in the series. He uses a wooden sword which was given to him by Peter Pan. He is the leader of the clan and is always spoiling Captain Hook’s evil plan.
  • Izzy – Izzy is the only female character in the series and is only 6 years old. Her special power is that she has pixie dust given by tinker bell and her friends. She uses it to escape out of troubles.
  • Cubby – Cubby is cute young kid and is the youngest one in the group. He is very chubby and is not very confident and needs a constant boost from Jake.
  • Skully – Skully is Jack’s parrot. He is always watching for Captain Hook and warns the team whenever he sees Hook.
  • Captain Hook – Hook is the main villain of the series. He is the captain of Jolly Roger. He can never find crew as everyone joins Captain Jake. He tries to defeat Captain Jake but always fails. He is occasionally shown as kind-hearted and good to others.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Facts

  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates won the best animated pre-school cartoon award.
  • Peter Pan is rarely shown in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns was one of most watched tv episode of all time.
  • Izzy saves Pirate Princess who is cursed by sea witch and isolated in a hidden cave.
  • Jack’s mother teaches him how to become a pirate.
  • GoodBye Bucky Song is the most famous song in Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Let us know what you think about Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

The Weird and Unknown Facts About Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry is an animated cartoon series currently being aired on Cartoon Network. It is based on the popular comic by Francesca Simon. Horrid Henry is similar to Dennis The Menace. It is good in English but it is awesome in Hindi.

Horrid Henry Facts

  1. Henry is the most naughty, stubborn, self-centered and unhealthy kid.
  2. Henry loves eating chips. Chips are his absolute favorite.
  3. Henry hates carrot. In one episode his mother makes carrot cake and he loves it. He thinks they are chocolate chips.
  4. He spends all his money on comics and chips. Later, he troubles other children for money.
  5. Henry’s brother Peter is the exact opposite of him.
  6. Peter is very smart, healthy, intelligent kid and Henry hates him for obvious reasons.
  7. Henry is shameful, horrible, hideous, offensive and hence he is called Horrid Henry.Horrid Henry Facts
  8. He is scared of Injections. Who isn’t?
  9. There was a movie named Horrid Henry – The Movie which was quite popular among kids.
  10. Margaret is Henry’s neighbor. Henry hates her as much as he hates Peter.
  11. In one episode, Henry marries Margaret and that is the worst nightmare of Henry.
  12. Peter and Henry often fight for tv remote as they love quite opposite tv series.
  13. Whenever Henry is behaving badly. He is shown as an animal like bear, octopus, spider etc. this is to depict his behavior.

These are some of the weirdest facts about Henry. Do let us know if you have any more witty Horrid Henry Facts.